3 Simply, Daily Steps to Effectively Manage Acne and Blemishes

Feel like you’ve tried everything but still can’t seem to get rid of your pesky acne? While feels difficult now, managing acne does not have to be once you know the simple steps to establish a routine.

The key with acne management is having a routine to regulate oil production. Excess sebum clogs pores and gives bacteria a breeding ground. So while we can’t escape from the P.acnes bacteria, we can take control of managing our oil production. Below are the 6 simple daily steps…


1) Cleanse when you wake up

The face is especially oily when we first wake up. The first step to managing acne and blemishes is to cleanse to let your skin start its day afresh. Gently cleanse with your hands to remove excess sebum. Avoid using a towel or abrasive cloth and minimise massaging as they can agitate the skin, cause inflammation and aggravate the acne.

Quick tip: Spread out the cleansing evenly to twice a day, once every 12 hours, to help achieve an even level of oil production on the skin.


2) Apply topical treatment

If there is no flare up of acne, use a light, non-drying anti-bacterial, like Dermalogica’s Breakout Control. Most topical acne treatment contains salicylic acid which helps to manage oil and slough off dead skin cells.

If there are surface pimples (not deep ones), use Dermalogica’s Clearing Mattifier or PCA Skin’s Acne gel treat existing acne blemishes and prevent occurrence of future ones.

Quick tip: If there are deep, stubborn acne, apply a low percentage of benzoyl peroxide sparingly, only on the acne, to treat them. Otherwise, a regular topical acne treatment is more than sufficient.


3) Moisturise right after

Gently apply a moisturiser right after Step 2. The key is to use a light oil-free moisturiser to help regulate oil production, and not necessarily to soften dry skin as is mostly assumed. As you go through your day, your skin inadvertently and gradually becomes more oily. This step is to help even out and balance the oils until your next cleansing, so that there are no highs and lows in oiliness.

Quick tip: Look for moisturisers that help to absorb excess oils, such as Murad’s Oil-Control Mattifier or Dermalogica’s Oil Control Lotion.


4) Repeat 1 – 3 at night

Repeat the above steps, with the purpose of balancing the oils on the skin, to achieve healthy skin.

Quick tip: Use lighter topical treatment during the night and leave the stronger mattifiying ones for day-time usage.


With right products, effective routine and some discipline on our parts, oil production can easily be regulated and bacteria can be controlled, allowing our skin to take its first baby steps towards healing and being scar free!

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