One Simple and Painless Way to Remove Blackheads

Blackheads can be the cause of acne flare ups in some people or a minor annoyance in others, at best. Blackhead extraction during facials leave the skin smooth but in a week or two, the blackheads all come back again. Here’s an easy, convenient and most importantly, painless way to remove blackheads without having the stress of going to facials. The best part is, it is visibly effective! Read on more to find out how…


Get rid of your blackheads with …

Not with the needle extractor but with a pore pack! Yes, that’s the one, the pore pack that we use for removing blackheads from the nose area. Reduce acne and remove twice the amount of blackheads in a quarter of the time it takes to use an extractor!


How to use it?

It’s simple! Plaster 8 strips all across your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin, avoiding the eye area, and wait 10 minutes to let it dry. Once it’s dry and feels hard to the touch, slowly peel off and watch the majority of the blackheads get pulled out of the skin, effortlessly and painlessly.


3 reasons why you should use it

Removes majority of exposed blackheads: Blackheads are dirt mixed with our natural oils that form in our pores. When exposed to air, the blackheads darken in colour and harden in texture, allowing the pore pack to gently stick to it for easy removal. Remove twice the blackheads in a quarter of the time it takes to use an extractor!

Functions as an exfoliant for smooth skin: The blackhead remover functions like waxing. It doesn’t just remove the blackheads, but also waxes off the little hairs and the top layer of dead skin cells. Voila! A 3-in-1 beauty combo! Who knew pore packs had this much use?

Painless as compared to a needle extractor: There is no need to go through the pain of pricking needles or pushing hard on the skin to pop out the blackheads. The blackheads come off as you peel off the pore pack.


Who is it for?

This is highly effective and suitable for people with normal/combination skin without any pre-existing skin conditions.

Avoid this regime if you are suffering from pimples and open wounds, or other skin trauma such as sunburn. If you have sensitive skin, cut a small portion of the pore pack and test it on the side of your jaw or neck before using it over your face.


Use twice a month for optimal results

A couple of things to note when using this. The pore pack works by attaching to the blackheads and waxing off the exposed parts, including our dead skin cells. It is essentially as an exfoliant and can replace your exfoliating regime.

For example, if you normally exfoliate 4 times a month, reduce it to only 2 times if you add 2 times of pore pack regime. The key is to replace the number of times you exfoliate with your pore pack regime, so as not to over-exfoliate.

Use twice a month for optimal results and smooth skin.

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