Top 6 Cleansers for Blemish and Acne Treatment

Did you know that not all acne cleansers are the same? While most of them commonly contain salicylic acid to unclog pores, some are more focused on acne with dry skin, and others contain benzoyl peroxide for a more targeted treatment. Find out more here…


For acne with oily skin

Manage bacteria and breakouts for hours after cleansing with Murad’s Clarifying Cleanser with its time-release medication. Foam up with Dermalogica Clearing Skin Wash for a fragrance free cleanser to clear oils and slough off impurities. Looking for a stronger acne treatment? Containing 2% salicylic acid, SkinCeuticals Clarifying Cleanser stimulates natural exfoliation to clear clogged follicles for clearer skin.

Clarifying-Cleansre.png clearing-skin-wash.png clarifying-cleanser.png

Murad Clarifying Cleanser

Dermalogica Clearing Skin Wash

SkinCeuticals Clarifying Cleanser



Time Release Acne Cleanser.jpgFor acne with dry skin

Use Murad’s Time-Release Acne Cleanser to manage both acne and dry skin at the same time! Containing only 0.5% of salicylic acid, as compared to the regular strength of 1.5%, with hyaluronic acid, it helps to manage pore congestion on a daily basis while still intensely hydrating the skin, bringing balance and suppleness.


For acne with irritated skinFacialWash-OilyProblem_small.png

If your skin doesn’t tolerate salicylic acid well, try PCA Skin Facial Wash Oily/Problem for acne prone skin that is irritated. It contains lactic acid, instead of salicylic acid, that helps to remove excess oils, decongest pores and remove make up.


LHA-Cleansing-Gel.pngFor acne with aging skin

SkinCeuticals is one of the few skin care brands out there that has developed acne products for aging skin. Combine SkinCeuticals LHA Cleansing Gel with Blemish + Age Defense for a targeted treatment for aging skin that is prone to breakouts.

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